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Check out Chuckee in Times Square !
Lil Chuckee tells DJ Smallz the biggest lesson Lil Wayne has taught him
Download Lil Chuckee‘s latest mixtape titled “The Bride Of Chuckee” hosted by The Fleet DJ’s.The tape features Magnolia Chop, K.I., Erica Gluck, Ray Lavender, Jacquees, Detail, Elliot, B Streezy, Twerk Team, and Princess.
Here is some footage of Lil Chuckee dancing with Lil Wayne at Compound Lounge Bar in Atlanta, Georgia.Along with Chuckee‘s studio session with K-Major, and plenty more.
Lil Chuckee shows DJ Smallz what he carries in his school bag .
Lil Chuckee and Josh Gates backstage and performing live at the Good Deed’s Center in Gulfport, Mississippi.

Lil Chuckee acting a fool singing his own version of Justin Bieber’s “Baby” on the piano LOL.
Lil Chuckee brand new song he did with the female rap group, June 5th. The track is called “I Robbed The Jeweler“.